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Devyl Bane

Captain Devyl Bane

AKA: Du, Duel, Dón-Dueli of the Dumnonii, Dón-Dueli of Tintagel
Nickname(s): Devyl, Du
Main Series: Deadman’s Cross™
Designation: Deadman
Job: Captain
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red when he's angry or hungry
Build: Muscular
Best Friend: Blackheart Bart
Mode of Transportation: The Sea Witch

Devyl Bane is a man of many secrets. He trusts no one and talks to even fewer. But when Thorn enters Bane’s death with an offer he can’t refuse, he agrees for one reason only: he can’t rest in peace until the witch who killed him lies in pieces. Now he’s stuck with the surliest crew any captain has ever tried to manage, and every day he can keep them from burning his ship to embers, or preying on the innocent they’re supposed to protect, he counts as a victory. But if they’re all that stands between mankind and the evil waiting to claim our souls, then we’re all in trouble, indeed.