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Death Doesn't Bargain
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I procrastinate so much I even found a way to put off death and dying.



Full Name: Hellchasers
Nickname(s): Deadmen/ Deadman
Main Series: Deadman’s Cross™
Designation: Deadman
Job: Pirate/Hellchaser
DOB: 1761
Significant Other: Thorn
Best Friend: Thorn
Worst Enemy: Noir
Mode of Transportation: The Sea Witch

A specific breed of Hellchasers who were once recruited by Thorn after the Carian Gate had been breached, threatening to unleash the ancient gods held there. Their job was to retrieve a particularly nasty group of demons set loose into the world and to ensure that the ancient gods remained slumbering. It was a task they and the world barely survived . . . At least some of them made it out.