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Full Name: Hel Hound, MOD, Cerebus, Ceredon, DAC, Fringers, cŵns, Gwyllgi
Main Series: Lords of Avalon®
Designation: Demon

Anyone familiar with Sherrilyn’s work knows her love of the mighty Hellhound. They take on a variety of shapes and sizes and breeds throughout her various series. Everything from Apollymi’s Ceredons to Cerebus, to the Fringe Hunters, Cŵn Annwn, Gwyllgi, and shapeshifting MODs (Minions of Death) and DACs (Demon Assassination Crew), and the Mara, down to the shapeshifting Kaziel and his pack of Hel Hounds who serve the goddess Hel and of course, the shapeshifting Aamon demons who are true hellhounds in every sense of the word. And how could we ever forget Velkan’s Bram and Stoker?