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Full Name: Hellchasers
Nickname(s): Hellchasers™
Main Series: Hellchasers™
Designation: Thorn's special thorns
Job: Returning demons

When demons violate the laws that govern them or decide to skip out on their sentence, we’re the ones who deal with them. We’re bounty hunters without a bounty. Hellchasers hunt demons. No matter what they do to disguise themselves, they can’t hide from one of us for long. The minute they use their powers anywhere near us, we feel it. The Hellchasers come from damned souls Thorn bargains for so that they can earn redemption by returning the worst supernatural escapees to whatever hell or prison realm they’ve escaped from. Once they’ve met the terms of their agreement and haven’t fallen prey to the traps laid for them, they can go free. But it’s never simple. Nor is it easy.