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Death Doesn't Bargain
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Two things in life never bargain. Death . . . and Kalder Dupree.

Kalder Dupree

Full Name: Kalderan Murjani Dupree
Nickname(s): Kalder
Main Series: Deadman’s Cross™
Designation: Mermaid/Myrcian
Hair Color: black; short and worn spiked atop his head in a strange, unique style.
Eye Color: A cool, steely blue, they had a deep grayish cast and yet . . . The color truly defied explanation. More like a silvery storm on a dark, sinister sea. In a weird way, it reminded her of how the parson and his scriptures described the color of the pale horse that Death rode in the Apocalypse.
Build: Muscular
Best Friend: Belle
Tattoos / Scars: Scrolling black tattoos that appeared more akin to a second skin color than actual ink. As with his arms, his legs from the knees down held peculiar scrolling tattoo marks.
Mode of Transportation: The Sea Witch
Other Facts: Igñeri . . . Island Carib

A Myrcian by birth, Kalder is about as mercenary as anyone you’ll ever meet. He doesn’t believe in country or family, only in money and he’ll fight for any profit, never for cause. But who can blame him? His own mother was the one who killed him in cold blood. Being born of a cold-blooded amphibious race doesn’t tend to make anyone believe in the goodness of others. They are cannibalistic and shark-like from cradle to grave. It’s what has made him one of the most valued member of Bane’s crew. Until the day Cameron Jack stumbles into their lives. From the moment Kalder meets her, he discovers a bit of soul he didn’t know he had. And somewhere he learns to protect the one bit of human he’s ever met. For her alone, he will bleed and he will fight.