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Sancha Dolorosa

Full Name: Donna Maria Esmeralda de la Vega y Tarancón
Nickname(s): Sancha, Ralda
Main Series: Deadman’s Cross™
Designation: Deadman
Height: 5' 5
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Amber
Build: Athletic
Other Fact: Wears wig to cover hair

With a name that means “Holy Lady of Sorrow,” you know her past is not one she wants to talk about. Still, she is fierce and fiery. Her motto is to grab life with both hands and hold on. To live it to the fullest and to take no prisoners. Dark-Hunter fans, pay close attention to her whip, tarot cards and locket . . . there are some who say she is the great, great, great grandmother of the mighty Devereaux sister clan and that she bears a striking resemblance to Tabitha, Amanda and Essie.