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Don't knock on the devil's door unless you want me to open it. Remember, omni rosae spina.


Full Name: Akantheus Leucious Fonus
Nickname(s): Thorn
Main Series: Hellchasers™
Designation: None of your business. Labels don't define me. I do.
Job: Kiss the ring, baby. I'm Head Honcho.
DOB: None of your business.
Height: 6'2″
Hair Color: Dark Blond
Eye Color: Depends on his mood. But usually a light glowing green.
Build: Muscular.
Parents: Define parent.
Tattoos / Scars: We don't talk about that.
Fave Pastime: Disappointing my sperm donor.
Mode of Transportation: Bugatti Veyron
Weapon of Choice: You'll find out when I kill you.
Pets: Misery

I would say I like to crochet, but that implies a soft side which I lack grotesquely. The best thing to say is that I’m the biggest disappointment my father has ever known- which is really good for you humans. The… entity had great plans for me. Too bad. I’m no one’s bitch. I don’t come on command and I don’t fetch. What I do is kick the culo loco of anyone who gets near me showing anything other than utmost respect and fear. Yeah, I am that guy. I don’t care if you like me. I don’t care if you hate me. But you will get out of my way, speed bump. And you better do it fast. You see, I wasn’t born in this time or place. I came of age at a time when it was kill or be killed. You either ate the monkey or the monkey played bells with your skeleton. The good news is, I’ve stood strong for a long time. The bad news… I don’t know how much longer I can hold out. May the gods help all of you then.